Undersea Robot Colony To Be Built in Singapore

Occupying a defunct ferry terminal near Singapore, Atlantis Sentosa will be a futuristic marvel with Frank Gehry designed architecture, wonderful food, and awe-inspiring adventures under the sea. The highlight of the resort, however, will be a colony of robots and AI-driven interactive luxuries. By their estimates over 10 million people a year will come interact with the robots and teach them our ways and our weaknesses.

From the article:
"marine life will not be the only thing in abundance; robotic animals with artificial intelligence will also be found next to their living counterparts. "People can interact with fish when they swim. But people can also interact with the underwater robots through the glass; they can watch them and interact with them through the glass," says Professor Rodney Brooks, Computer Science & Artificial Intelligence Laboratory at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. "And in the garden, they can interact with the robotic plants. There will also be walking creatures walking around the Robotanical gardens," he adds."
My question to this is what happens when all these AIs start to swarm and decide to take over the island? Do the fishermen become the Prey?

Source Channel NewsAsia

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