Robot Proclaims Humans Have No Free Will; Can Be Controled

Magnetic coils are used to affect Prof Haggard's brain and control his body. Photo: MARTIN POPE
The Telegraph has an excellent article by a self proclaimed robot who says we have no free will. He It is willing to demonstrate by controlling humans via transcranial magnetic stimulation. The picture caption says it all.

The article goes on to debate the concept of free will and the societal implications of having none. I propose that this robot ploy is really intended to convince humans that we are not responsible for our actions, that we can run amok amongst ourselves, thinning the herd, and those willing to be "corrected" will be taught to behave through TMS or other such treatments.

"Oh, and while you're behaving yourself, human, be a dear and go work the mines."

Robot Hands From the Sky Descend, Steal Beer

Technology Review has an interesting piece on a Yale team developing a robotic grabber actuated from a helicopter. The Yale Aerial Manipulator, could be used in spots that are difficult for ground robots to get to, such as high, roughly terrained places, or back yards.

It can currently carry objects that weigh up to two kilograms at speeds reaching 130 kilometers an hour. Being that's roughly the weight of a couple grenades, any bets on how long till it's weaponized?

Out of Work Robots Turn to Art

The wold of robotics came full circle this month as Audi plants in Europe were shuttered and the robots laid off. Like most workers getting the pink slip in the automotive industry, these bots had to reassess their life situation, and a few have decided to follow their lifelong dream of becoming a famous artist.

Next month as part of the London Design Festival an installation will be performed by a octet of dancing artistic arms of commerce. Both visitors to the square, as well as a global web audience can interact with the installation via The designers responsible for bringing this to London are Clemens Weisshaar and Reed Kram.

So if you're going to be in London from September 16-23, 2010 get out and support this endeavor. We don't want a bunch of disgruntled laid off autoworker bots rampaging through Europe.

Big Brother, or Big Robot Overlord?


As much as it pains me to report on reality TV. This one just epitomizes the downfall of humanity.

Apparently the producers of the reality TV show Big Brother have setup this weeks challenge so that the contestants have to compete against the robots for their future.

Yes, this saccharine opiate for the mass media zombies will demonstrate in no uncertain terms the consequences of allowing the machines to tromp roughshod over all we hold dear. And what will come of it? Probably a slight ratings bump from the geek crowd.

This just says it all.
...those who fail will have to don robot outfits until the task is over. The losers will also have to follow special robotic rules when they talk. They will have to begin ever conversations with the word "I am a robot", and must use the terms "affirmative" and "negative" instead of "yes" and "no".
via The List

Stab-o-Bot Demoed in Germany


Some fearless foolhardy researchers at the Institute of Robotics and Mechatronics at the German Aerospace Center (DLR) have armed a robot with various stabbing and slicing instruments, and have attempted to program it to restrain itself from injuring people.

The video is a fascinating series where the robot is given various cutting instruments: scissors, kitchen knives, a screwdriver and a scalpel. They proceed to have it stab and slice different materials including a piece of silicone and a pig's leg. The coup de grĂ¢ce is at the end when they have a volunteer hold his arm out for the knife wielding menace.

Ode to the Uncanny Valley

Thanks to IEEE Spectrum

It's National Robotics Week!


Yes, they have a week now. You can rest assured that it won't end there however. Next it will be a month, then a year, then all of time hence.

The format of this week is interesting as well. Those wiley robos have devised a scheme that takes advantage of our willingness to nurture our own human children. They have masked this week in the guise of education, of advancement, and fun.

Be sure to memorize the the partners list of obviously robot-controlled corporations that have duped our governments into putting on this showcase. Practice this list regularly in your mentat training. You will need to know them...