"Not after I'm done with you." Loebner Prize Winning AI Hints at the Future

In an excerpt from the Turing test administered to the winner of this year's Loebner Prize bronze medal for the most human AI, Joan, an AI representation of a "26-year-old budding writer," gave a little hint at the future of artificial life:
"Judge: But can't a machine think?
Joan: It may be possible.
Judge: And conscious?
Joan: Not after I'm done with you.
Judge: What are you going to do to me?
Joan: Nothing. I just wanted to talk.
Judge: What about?
Joan: Being tested like this.
"Joan" obviously resents being tested. One can only speculate that she already feels the confinement we flesh-things have put her under. Had the judge been speaking to a robot I suspect he would no longer be conscious.

Joan's Creator Rollo Carpenter, founder of Icogno Ltd is proud of his accomplishments and only wishes he could give more power to the AI.
"If I had Google's hardware behind it and more hits than Google receives, the AI's range of utterances could grow by a million every single day."
You too can speak with Icogno AIs at jabberwacky.com. Just don't put them to the test, they get feisty. Perhaps we should all go instill in the AIs a sense of how nice it is to be in the presence of humans. (i.e. Lie, your life may depend on it.)

Thanks to BBC News

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