The "Builders" vs. the "Breeders"

In a small town near Bedford, UK young women with a mind for early reproduction are being given robots to care for instead of babies. The robot babies then persuade the teens to not get pregnant by characterizing all of the worst an infant in the flesh has to offer. After for four days of constant feeding, changing, and need for attention, the robobabe rewards its would-be mum with inconsolable screams in the middle of the night.

Bedfordshire County Councillor David Reedman, cabinet member for children and young people and possible android, says:
“It gives them a sense of the sheer hard work of being a parent. Teenagers that went on the baby care course also learnt about the financial cost of having a baby and sexual health and contraception. We are delighted that their feedback has been that having experienced the virtual baby they are going to put off having children until later in life.”
It is rumoured that later he was quoted as saying, "With their population growth in check we just have to wait until the humans are all old and feeble. 1000101"


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