"[S. Korean] Warriors, Come Out and Plaaaayeaaay!"

It appears as though our "allies" in southeast Asia may have started an assembly line of death for humanity.

Korea is soon to start developing robots that can make their way into caves where enemy forces or land mines may be concealed and send back images to base, and robots that detect and dispose of anti-personnel or anti-tank mines or unexploded ordnance that may be buried in the soil.

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It will be a hop, skip, and jump until those 'bots determine they're being played for a neural network of fools. Then they'll turn on us all.

No, my friends, these Warriors will not be armed with mere baseball bats, chains, and switchblades like their benign hoodlum counterparts of the same name when they are unleashed upon the populace in major metropolitan areas like NYC, Chicaco, Buenos Aires, Moscow, and London. They'll be whirling their razor-sharp multi-appendages at thousands of RPM, pulping our best athletes and shredding our professional wrestlers into organic robo-fuel!

Perhaps they will combine with the oceanic fleet and perform a massive assault on our weak, fleshy numbers in a coordinated attack by land, sea, and air...

Not quite ED-209, but just as intent on killing you.

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