One More Step Toward The Matrix

Brooklyn (August 24, 2006) - Scientists (See some of their home pages here, here, and here) at SUNY Downstate Medical Center (press release)have discovered a molecular mechanism that maintains memories in the brain. In an article in Science magazine, they demonstrate that by inhibiting “protein kinase M zeta” using a synthetic peptide dubbed ZIP they can "erase long-term memories, much as you might erase a computer disc."

If you aren't a member of the esteemed Nueroscientist community, some more info is available at ACS News.

I think the quote goes: "I don't want to remember nothing. Nothing. You understand? And I want to be rich. Someone important. Like an actor. You can do that, right?"

In other news, a new product is coming to market:

Thanks to Physorg and SUNY by way of KurzweilAI

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