More Human-Sized Anime-Inspired Bots On The Way

General Robotix, Inc. reported yesterday that their new Linux-based HRP-2m Choromet/Promet bipedal humanoid robot will start deliveries next month. The first production run created by Kawada Industries will be limited to 50 units, but full scale production is scheduled for early 2007. Price has been set at 498,750 yen, and they are currently accepting advance reservations online. Open source Kung-fu module is forthcoming.

Kawanda says:

HRP-2 will be used for experiments to further develop robotic technologies in the areas of "walking on uneven surfaces," "tipping-over control," "getting up from a fallen position," and "human-interactive operations in open spaces."

Read that last area as Open Plains Combat...

Thanks to Robots-Dreams

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Hugh Mann said...

Could such a robot be used as the orb in a test -driven development setup? Perhaps it could be configured to perform a karate chop when the build is successful, or seek out and perform a "crane kick" on the person who broke the build.