How to Avoid Mistakes When Purchasing A Used Robot (Top 10 mistakes)


A list of the top 10 most common mistakes companies make during a used robot purchase.

1. Buying a robot system without warranty.
2. Buying a robot with no guarantee.
3. Buying a robot from an auction.
4. Buying a used robot from eBay.
5. Ignoring the spare parts policy of the supplier.
6. Choosing a vendor without looking at their service department.
7. Not requiring the robot to be reconditioned.
8. Inheriting someone else's robot issues.
9. Not checking the vendors resume.
10. No documentation or training included


Is a violation of the 3 Laws of Robotics covered under 8?

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Screaming Harry Armadillo said...

I think the 3 laws are covered under mistake #2. You're buying a robot with no guarantee that it won't kill you!