Big Brother, or Big Robot Overlord?


As much as it pains me to report on reality TV. This one just epitomizes the downfall of humanity.

Apparently the producers of the reality TV show Big Brother have setup this weeks challenge so that the contestants have to compete against the robots for their future.

Yes, this saccharine opiate for the mass media zombies will demonstrate in no uncertain terms the consequences of allowing the machines to tromp roughshod over all we hold dear. And what will come of it? Probably a slight ratings bump from the geek crowd.

This just says it all.
...those who fail will have to don robot outfits until the task is over. The losers will also have to follow special robotic rules when they talk. They will have to begin ever conversations with the word "I am a robot", and must use the terms "affirmative" and "negative" instead of "yes" and "no".
via The List

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