Helpful Canine Robot Assists Elderly, Bites Limbs


EL-E robot to smother grandma, crush your Aibo

MIT Technology Review writes:

researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology are developing robots that mimic the relationship between humans and their canine helpers.

Industrious robotics researchers have done it again -- those geniuses are sure to put us upon the brink of cataclysm.

The latest version of El-E has been upgraded so that, in addition to responding to a laser pointer, it understands voice commands and can perform a wider range of tasks.

By "performing a wider range of tasks", we can conclude that means "value added features" such as:

  • menacing family and children

  • pilfering your personal possessions

  • crushing your larynx

How long will it take before El-E helps to start the robot uprising?

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