Robot House Cleaner to Call/Prank the Authorities

The Korea Times writes:
People buy a robot vacuum cleaner either because they think it is convenient or because it looks futuristic and cool. But now there is another reason to consider buying the machine: it can guard your home by detecting and scaring off unwanted visitors.

KTF and Yujin Robot said on Tuesday that they have co-developed a robot vacuum cleaner that patrols the house and sends alarm messages to the owner's cellphone when detecting the motions of objects with its motion sensor.

I'm taking bets as to when the first user of this bot will program 911 into the alarm dial system. This will allow the bots to call in SWAT team hits on your house. Be especially wary if you live in the USA and get a hold off one of these innocent little sweeper bots. Some sheriffs have been knows to unleash hell over bad tips.

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