Lying Little Robots and the Robots That Love Them

In a move that insures the future existence of Jerry SpringerBot researchers in Switzerland have put a rudimentary genetics-driven swarm intelligence system to work at hunting and gathering food. The result were groups of "families" which shared genetic information and learned to help "their own kind". One side effect, however was that they also learned how to deceive competing families into thinking the food was somewhere else.

Cue the Klu Klux Klan Bots and folding chair throwing bots. The trailer park calleth.

Thanks to MIT Technology Review

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Hugh Mann said...

Two questions:

1. What happens when this scheme inevitably migrates to "bigger bots", like bipedal robots that are supposed to be helping grandma? I think they'll get wise and simply off the old folks, realizing that the resources could be all theirs!

2. What happens when this technology inevitably becomes militarized? I think they'll figure out pretty quickly who the real enemies are -- their human masters!