Japan's Robot Infiltration Grows


While addressing the prefectural assembly members of the Liberal Democratic Party in Matsue Health minister Hakuo Yanagisawa called Japan's women "birth-giving machines."

"The number of women aged between 15 and 50 is fixed. Because the number of birth-giving machines and devices is fixed, all we can ask for is for them to do their best per head, although it may not be so appropriate to call them machines."
This is not a suprising slip by the ever increasing population of androids among Japan's ruling elite. I can only speculate that they have been emboldened by their representative achieving status as prime minister.

This does however tip us off to a potential plan. Perhaps they intend to depopulate the country, and when the human birth-giving machines get desparate for offspring they will come along with new "fertility" devices that transform the female populace into Axolotl tanks.

Source The Japan Times via Boing Boing

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