Hey, If A Robot Waltzed Into My Pond Carrying An Air Pump, Speakers, and Condoms I'd Fight Too

The Scientist is running an article about a professor at UCLA who was able to incite real frogs to attack his robot frogs by giving them vocal sacs made out of condoms. Apparently the real frogs pack a whallup too:
"We actually had two casualties," Narins recalls. Robots were broken during wrestling matches, which Narins says can last up to 15 minutes. "They put their fist right through the condom. I hate when that happens."
In another experiment he got dart-poison frogs in French Guiana to attack a croaking "robo-rana" 89% of the time using a ventriloquist dummy frog.

It's good to see a few like-minded scientists readying the fauna for the robot uprising. Let's see the robots' reaction when we unleash the plague of frogs on their shiny metal asses!

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