EveR-2 Expresses Herself, Creeps Out Reporters

She may be Korea's best hope for a pop singer sensation since William Hung (and he's from China), but EveR-2 Muse continues her reign as the most uncanny model of the uncanny valley. Check out the new facial expressions:

There's the twitchy left eye

The, "Humans can do what?!" (Parts 1 & 2)

The, "I think, Sebastian, therefore I am."

The, "Hey is that bacon?"

The George Lucas neck sack impression

And lastly, the, "Britney will feel the wrath of my servos!"

EveR-2 hasn't had the best of luck in her public appearances, but her song is gaining popularity (Hear a little clip and see her SNL-worthy lip sync job here)

Thanks to Aving News via Engadget

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