Catching Up With the Rise

It's been a busy week, so to catch up on recent happenings:

The BBC reports that snake-bots and their "slender tentacles" will be slithering into our brains, just as soon as we're done entrusting them to our 'nuke-uler' reactors.

On C-Net's Gadget blog they point out that Toyota has solved ED-209's stair hopping problems. You can say "Domo arigato Mr. Engelberger" for getting Toyota into Robotics in the first place.

Sega (Japanese pdf) wants every little girl to dream of having her own robo pony. (So maybe the one of the horsemen of the apocalypse will be a little girl. I think the 2nd one rode a red horse.)

Dr Stephen Thaler is helping the US Air Force Research Laboratory to create imaginative killer swarms, and in completely unrelated news (cough yeah right), the airforce has now renamed the Predator MQ-9 UAV "The Reaper".

The KHR-2HV aspires to Bollywood:

Mark Tilden of Robosapien fame is defending his robotic abilities saying "the new RoboSapien ... has more functions than Darth Vader's underpants." (link) Why, when technological prowess is being measured, does it always come back to the underpants? All I can say is this, don't push Tilden too hard folks. His previous job was at Los Alamos, and millions of his bots are already in our homes.

And even though thought-controlled bionic arms are getting their debut, the human repair and enhancement category is lagging sadly behind all the above robotic advances.

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