Robosapien vs. D2V-ZN ... Fight!

The Korea Times is reporting a new player in market of sub-$1000, non-kit, bipedal, programmable, mechanoids for the home user. (The fact that the categories are getting that precise, frankly, is scary enough) Up until now, thankfully, this category has only had one real competitor, the Wowwee Robosapien line. Now there are two.

Enter the D2V-ZN. Let's do a breakdown:


RS Media

Fully Programmable

PC Interface
Bipedal Walking
Potentially Lethal
Weapon System

None Developed Yet,
but the minigun
arms have potential

Voice Recognition
Audio Playback


Video Playback
Swarm Behaviors Programmable
Opposable Thumbs


Psychological Disorders


Estimated Retail Price$610USD$732USD (current)
$314USD once mass produced
With all that said I'd say the hype coming out of the Daeduk College startup is a bit over-done. Details are sparse however, so the little mech that could isn't out of the running yet. Plus if they come through with the lower pricing you'll be able to almost get 2 of the D2V-ZN for the price of 1 Robosapien RS Media. With 1.5 million of the Robosapien family already in homes, D2E Robotics is going to have quite a run for their money when it comes to the infiltrate home, gain trust, annihilate market.

As for release date, both are due out before the holidays, but from the sounds of "presently considering selling the miniature bi-pedal robot through TV home-shopping channels" I'd say D2E Robotics has not ironed out their distribution channels in time for the season.

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