“Land Walker” Will It Be Protection Enough

Masaaki Nagumo and his kooky band of miscreants have created the “Land Walker” wearable robot suit. It only shoots sponge bullets for now, and it needs EMP shielding (and weaponry), but it's a start. In the mean time, apparently the best it can be used for is advertising Pepsi.

Thanks to TechEBlog


Norm said...

Videos of the land walker.



Hugh Mann said...

That reminds me of a much more advanced version of something a chap up in Alaska built out of some spare parts. It's one part Voltron, one part Transformers, one part Go-Bots, and a little Robotech thrown in for good measure. I think it even has a flamethrower.

Hugh Mann said...

GE really does bring good things to life. They built its great-great-great grandfather.

"Father, give me legs!"
-Unfinished Robot made of a Bucket and Old Brooms, To Homer from an episode of The Simpsons