Chickens vs. Robots

Want to find all the latest advances in robots made to tear apart flesh? Look no further than the meat packing industry. According to a report in the Poultry Times up until now those wiley chickens have mostly eluded the steely grasp of robotic hands. This is for one due to the sanitary demands of poultry processing. (Apparently the robots don't like pressure washes ... Who knew?) These happy days for food-grade chickens are about to end however thanks to advances made at the Georgia Tech Food Proccessing Technology Division.
"Some systems are being offered with a protective sleeve that is placed over the robot's arm and electronics to protect it during operation and wash down. And still others have recently introduced units with stainless steel shells and sealed actuator joints that can withstand complete immersion in water."
So much for that tactic...
Another problem with robots in the high tech, complex world of chickens is speed; robot arms take more time than current methods, but thanks to the demands of this industry, forget being fast enough to avoid getting hung by the neck on the "kill line."

Lastly, want to know what you can expect in your last minutes on this formerly human-controlled earth? Look no further than the Chicken Lover 9000:

"Currently, researchers at GTRI are working on an "intelligent" deboning system that employs on-board actuators and sensors to adjust the cutting motions of the deboning blades to the unique features of each carcass. Their goal is to use adaptive controls to optimize yield and to minimize bone fragments."

Thanks to Poultry Times

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